NME July 13,2005

The Killers and The Bravery battle for Synth-rock supremecy ever did come down to  a scrap behind the makeup counter.Sam Endicott would be ready.The Bravery singer strides on to Oxygen's ticket stage like he's about to grab a motorbike chain and start an almihgty row.The only problem is that there's no-one to fight with,just a cluster of devotees ready for 'An honest mistake'. Sam is not ready to give in so easily,though,instead putting on a performance with big balls which is kind of ironic because if he has any at all then they must be slowly turning blue in those skinny jeans.That's not to say that he doesn't have a sensitive side, though."I met the girl of my dreams here,"he insists."This is a country for lovere."

And over the course of The Bravery's set,the lovers begin to gather-in their hundreds.As the hits come, the stage swarms,and when the band run through an audacious cover of early U2 anthem 'An Cat Dubh' and clain the Dublin heroes as their favorite band ever,they've won.Suddenly . The Bravery seen set for a bigger stage.

The Killers,of course,are already there,They've had a year's start on their rivals,and they take to T's main stage as though preparing for a leisurly stroll to the casino.All around him may be draped inelegantly in lions rampant,but Brandon Flowers is resplendent in a brilliant white dinner jacket than makes him look like an inverse Milk Tray man.

The hits-'Somebody told me,' 'Smile like you mean it' 'All these things that iv'e done'-are delivered thick and fast,but it's the new song 'All the pretty faces' that offers a tantalising glimpse of this band's future.It already sounds ten times better than it did at Glastonbury.Brandon serenading the pants off his huge audience of teenage girls,curious young boys and people who remember the 80s the first time around.

Amid all the impending ,megastardom,there's even room for some humility:"Thanks a lot for giving us a chance and having us here,"he waxes unnecessarily."It means a lot to us to be playing on this beautiful day."With both bands winners tonight,it looks increasingly like this bout will go the distance.