Souding Off: Frontman of the people
June 29,2005 From


Maintaining a sense of perspective on the road, where people are paid to cater for your every whim can be tricky... fatal even. Here's how the Killers' Brandon Flowers is coping

We don't try so hard to be liked: thats not what we're about, really. We're focused mainly on our music but it's natural that people might find us confusing. I don't want to reveal too much about myself - or it'll ruin my mystique!

It can be hard being the singer in a band. I've got a lot on my plate sometimes. It's something I knew would happen; it's just kind of how it is. Still, I hope that I can make it; there are a lot of people that have made it through. Like Bono, Bono's really lasted all these years, he hasn't expired. It can be done.

We're on the road all the time but we don't get bothered that much. The interviews don't bother me so much, as I like to have really good interviews.   If someone comes up to us in the street, we just run! Not really, its good to know people who are into the music.

I still don't have much money. I don't know if money will change me. It's just important to go home and be normal. I think thats really difficult because being on the road is so abnormal. You have people to get everything for you, and that can be weird. And when I'm on the road, it can be hard being away from family and friends. But we (Brandon and fiancee Tana Munbkowsky -  are still pushing forward. Hopefully we're gonna get married this year. Probably back home, in Vegas. Its where all our friends and families are.

I don't mind people knowing who I am; I always wanted people to know who I was. I don't think the Brandon Flowers you see onstage is that different to the everyday Brandon Flowers. I think we're pretty much the same