Killers mix tape (OK, CD)


Last summer's sing-a-long anthem was a little ditty by The Killers called "Somebody Told Me."

It sounded like the best tune your favorite New Wave band never recorded. Chances are, the super catchy chorus - "Somebody told me you had a boyfriend who looked like a girlfriend that I had in February of last year" - is ringing in your ears right now just from reading the lyric.

If so, perhaps you'll be headed to Tampa on Sunday for The Killer's performance at the Sun Dome. Which means you will definitely need to make yourself our "Killers mix tape (OK, CD)" for the drive.

Most of the acts listed below have been cited by the band members (or their publicist) as influences. One or two I just threw in to make sure you had enough sweet tuneage for the entire trip.

1. "Good Times Roll," The Cars

The title says it all about this gem from The Car's classic 1978 debut album.

2. "Let's Spend the Night Together," Rolling Stones

A surging come-on courtesy of those fabulous Glimmer Twins.

3. "Jean Genie," David Bowie

Here's another firestarter from Jagger's old partner in crime.

4. "Hungry Like the Wolf," Duran Duran

Eighties synth pop that made people smile - especially when the sexy video aired.

5. "Instant Karma," John Lennon

Because you can't risk bad karma on the way to a rock show.

6. "Temptation," New Order

Great old school techno-pop that heavily influenced The Killers. In fact, The Killers lifted their name from a fake band featured in a New Order music video.

7. "1979," Smashing Pumpkins

"Cool kids never have the time," sings Billy Corgan on this tune the members of The Killers enjoyed as teens.

8. "Feelin' Alright (live)" Joe Cocker

Cocker isn't the first Killers influence that comes to mind, but he's cited in their promotional material so let's add this highlight from "Mad Dogs and Englishmen" to the track list.

9. "Friday, I'm in Love," The Cure

Not the song most guys want to be caught singing to in the car, but a pop chestnut nonetheless.

10. "Psycho Killer," Talking Heads

"Don't touch me I'm a real live wire!" Oh yeah. Geek rock at its most sublime.

11. "Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now," The Smiths

The Killers' lead singer Brandon Flowers is a huge Smiths fan.

12. "Burnin' Love," Elvis Presley

Thankfully, Flowers also digs The King, and this the perfect follow-up to mopey Morrissey and The Smiths.

13. "Even Better Than the Real Thing," U2

Get spacey with this pedal-effects propelled jewel from U2's "Achtung Baby."

14. "Wonderwall," Oasis

Flowers is also a big Oasis fan - I'm not.

15. "Shake it Up," The Cars

The Killers love The Cars and so do I.

"Don't you worry about two left feet / Just shake it up."