Sunday night's headliners included groove-oriented jam band Widespread Panic, who played two sets, and the Killers, who offered a sizzling lineup of New Wave-inspired synth pop featuring their hit "Somebody Told Me." Lead singer Brandon Flowers worked the stage with his robotic dance moves, adopting an icy persona -- his dark eyeliner helped him there -- which contrasted with his gracious banter. Rollingstone

Unlike Sara Quin of Tegan and Sara (who succumbed to the heat during their set), Las Vegas' Killers seemed unfazed by the setting sun's glare as natty singer Brandon Flowers worked the stage in a plaid jacket over a black T-shirt and tight black pants. He barely broke a sweat during "Jenny Was a Friend of Mine" and worked what looked like the weekend's biggest crowd into a frenzy during their hit "Smile."MTV

"No, that wasn't Duran Duran pounding out of the Lollapalooza speakers towards the end of Saturday night. It was actually The Killers, who could've probably been a fitting replacement had the fab five not reunited a few years ago. Yet despite being derivative of the 'Rio' rockers (and others from that early 80s glam pop movement) these Las Vegas boys knew how to throw a party. And after being scorched by the sun all day long, that's exactly what fans wanted during a twilight show carried by high-octane radio hits 'Somebody Told Me' and 'Smile Like You Mean It.' Singer Brandon Flowers sure has come a long way since the band's indie beginnings, settling into his role of commanding frontman rather than lounging around indifferently as he's been guilty of in the past. For 'Mr. Brightside,' the plaid-suit clad ringleader preyed with seducing glares, inciting shrieks from the ladies and pumping fists from the guys. Even less-familiar material from 2004's 'Hot Fuss' was delivered with confidence, like the ominous 'Andy, You're a Star' and the cocky 'On Top.' Make fun of these men for wearing make-up or call them rip-offs, but based on the swelling audience size and reaction, that latter reference is exactly where The Killers stood at day's end."Metromix