Glastonbury Q&A with Brandon

June 29,2005 From NME

Apparently you had quite an eventful trip down?

"Well, we went to Stonehenge on the way which was fun, then we left Dave our guitar player, at a service station and that put us a bit behind. We actually drove for about an hour before we realised he was missing. So that really set us back. How did we leave him behind? He's oblivious to what's going on. He's the only person who ever gets left behind. Not just on the bus; if a group of us were walking down the street it's always Dave who's trailing."

Any regrets at not taking Kylie's place?
"Maybe if we never get to that point, then that would suck. But I think we made the right decision and as long as we keep writing good material we'll get there ourselves. We want to achieve that in our own right, but we really want to do it in the future."

Are you going to have a look around the festival while you're here?
"Yeah, my brother's here so we're excited to go out and about. Anything I'm looking for in particular? Yeah, food! We're probably going to catch the White Stripes tonight, too. We're going to have a good night but unfortunately we can't stay; we're off to France."

What's your tip for staying clean?
"Stay away from Jo Whiley! She just got my pants dirty and I didn't plan on changing these."

Can you talk us through this evening's look?
"It's mint (laughs). I've been saving it for here. It's a very green festival so it works. It tastes good too."