Brandon Flowers chatting via AIM,sept.2005

Thank you Emily!

AOL music

MelissaInMusic: hi brandon -- thanks for taking time to talk with!
MelissaInMusic: where are you now?

FebOfLastYear: in Staten Island, New York
MelissaInMusic: getting ready for a show?
FebOfLastYear: Always...
FebOfLastYear: What are you wearing?
MelissaInMusic: lol, i was going to ask you the same thing
MelissaInMusic: i've got a u2 tshirt on. that's all you're getting.
MelissaInMusic: well... don't be shy! let's hear it!
FebOfLastYear: polka dots.
MelissaInMusic: but of course.
MelissaInMusic: so you're playing staten island -- new york crowds are always a good time. how do U.S. crowds differ from the ones overseas?
FebOfLastYear: People in Europe are more hungry for music.
MelissaInMusic: do you prefer one over the other?
FebOfLastYear: I'm an American boy. . .
MelissaInMusic: but you love england, everyone knows that
FebOfLastYear: yes. i grew up listening to english rock and roll.
MelissaInMusic: i'm with you on english rock -- the smiths, cure.
MelissaInMusic: so we've heard you've got 12 songs for the new album so far. what's this we hear about them making fans "feel dirty." care to elaborate?
FebOfLastYear: "where the white boys dance" is a real slut.
MelissaInMusic: excellent
MelissaInMusic: you're not going to play that one live yet though. such a tease!
FebOfLastYear: yeah
MelissaInMusic: have you decided on your producer yet? flood or steve lillywhite -- c'mon, what's so hard about that? ;-)
FebOfLastYear: who would you choose?
MelissaInMusic: i'd choose flood.
FebOfLastYear: we'll go with that then.
MelissaInMusic: LOL. you heard it here first.
MelissaInMusic: what's your favorite record either of them have produced?
FebOfLastYear: vauxhall and i, by Morrissey is Lillywhite's best. flood's is yet to come.
MelissaInMusic: flood did some great stuff with depeche mode. have you heard their new CD yet?
FebOfLastYear: heard the single
MelissaInMusic: it's a gem, eh?
FebOfLastYear: sure is
FebOfLastYear: eh
MelissaInMusic: are you making fun of me? ;)
FebOfLastYear: no ;-)
MelissaInMusic: so after two years on the road -- besides recording the new album -- what do you plan to do in your well-deserved downtime?
FebOfLastYear: write more hits
MelissaInMusic: well, that's a given.
MelissaInMusic: anything else?
FebOfLastYear: going to go skiing in December
MelissaInMusic: i won't ask you where.
MelissaInMusic: it seems like las vegas might be a tough place to relax
FebOfLastYear: the desert is very soothing
MelissaInMusic: how so?
FebOfLastYear: it's easy on my eyes
MelissaInMusic: unlike your pink dior jacket.
MelissaInMusic: that thing is infamous now.
FebOfLastYear: one day I hope it will grace the back of my son
FebOfLastYear: eventually (I don't have a son).
MelissaInMusic: well there's something you can work on during your downtime! :)
MelissaInMusic: what's the best piece of advice you've gotten from any of the music icons you've met?
FebOfLastYear: you don't have to be a poet to say something profound (Tony Visconti)
MelissaInMusic: did you ever have a "starstruck" moment when you met someone like tony visconti?
FebOfLastYear: elton, bowie, moz . . .
MelissaInMusic: what did you do?
FebOfLastYear: we talked. we laughed.
FebOfLastYear: we cried
MelissaInMusic: your fans -- "the victims" -- have a major online community. ever check out the message boards?
MelissaInMusic: they seem to want to know your favorite color.
FebOfLastYear: chrome
MelissaInMusic: alright, so i have to ask... what's the deal with this "feud" with fall out boy?
FebOfLastYear: i have never heard any of their songs
MelissaInMusic: but you've probably heard they said some not-so-kind things about you
FebOfLastYear: yeah, but i don't know why. i never said anything. my coat-tails are getting dirty.
MelissaInMusic: well, i know you've got a show to do, so anything else you'd like to say before we say goodbye?
FebOfLastYear: don't worry about the war.
FebOfLastYear: thanks. i have to get ready for my show. have a good night.
MelissaInMusic: break a leg -- thanks again!

MelissaInMusic is an editor and brags about flirting with Brandon at every meeting.