Go Insane for the killers

from EveningTimes

It's the time of year when the excitement reaches fever pitch and the speculation runs like wildfire through Glasgow's ardent gig-goers.

As the 2005 NME tour rolls into town,the hot topic is who will be this year's band to make it big. With the killers,futureheads,bloc party and the kaiser chiefs,it is undoubtedly a strong bill.

But the band who are without doubt a neck in front when it come to riding the wave of hype that is preceding the tour are the killers.

The Las Vegas outfit are singer Brandon Flowers,bass player Mark Stoermer,Dave Keuning on guitars and Ronnie Vannucci on drums.They formed in 2002 when Flowers,inspired to go forth in search of guitar action after seeing oasis,met Keuning.

Their rise has already been inexorable,and they are unlikely to lose any of their already passionate followeres en route around the NME tour,which brings them to Glasgow for a two-night stand tonight and tomarrow.

"We're really looking forward to it and we're going to make it a show to remember",says Mark Stoermer.

"All the audiences in Scotland are insane,Glasgow in particular."

And for the fans who have been eagerly waiting for these two sold-out shows-demand is such that tickets are currently hands on ebay for more than 80 a pair mark promises that they will see the angularity of their records magnified on stage bolstered with raw brutality.

"I think we are a whole differnt thing live than on record,he muses "we bring a whole load of energy and we definitely try to make every performance something special.

"We're getting better and better right now.We've had a year of touring and it gets really exciting playing these shows.

"We're more raw,more brutal on stage.when we connect with the audience and they connect with us amazing things happen."

The past 12 months have been extraordinary time for the band-from meeting heroes like Bono,and David Bowie to supporting Morrissey and Elton John coming out as a fan.

"That's surreal,two years ago these people were only in our fantasies!" exclaims Mark. And he say's incessant touring has heped them to hone their raw live edge.

"At first we were a little nervous and had to concentrate on what we were playing."he admits. Now those songs are second nature and that means we can concentrate on making a great show.

"We've been thrown in front of huge crowds a few times now and it's always worked out so were more able to relax on stage and thats made us a better live band."

Off stage we're one of the least rock and roll bands you could ever meet!We're right down to business its a bit of a cliche,but we really are about the music.

"It's such a hard thing to do and it's so much work that you need to rest or you'll get burnt out really fast."

Mark certainly doesnt relish the prospect of getting band on the bus and sleeping in his "coffin Bunk" on the floor of the bus,and while he sounds almost astonished to be doing the thing he loves and meeting his heroes,he admits the drawbacks are unavoidable.

He is resigned to the less extravagant side of life on the road:The bus jerking around,nine other guys around you at all times,the lack of privacy,every time you look up seeing someones ass sticking out of a bunk.But you get used to  it."

Of the other bands on the tour,mark comments:"the other bands are great,i'm really looking forward to seeing bloc party and i really like the futureheads record.its gonna be great.

so what should people expect from the gigs?

"We want them to come out of a show knowing they felt something and they were moved by the congs,mark avers."We want them to feel good and to know they got something different than just what they would hear on the record.

"i guess its a connection,a musical and personal one.

"But most of all,we want them to have a good night!"