Las Vegas Weekly 

MircroScope: The Killers

Are you dying to see this show?

After a rendezvous at the Junkyard a few weeks back, the LV Weekly posse and I encountered a killer band with a killer sound. Ladies and gentleman, may I introduce to you the Killers. Like no other noise in the city of lounge acts and cover bands, the Killers-whose sound is reminiscent of garage rock fused with British pop-prove that there is hope for a music scene that is oft-criticized for lacking originality and stamina. This newly formed band consists of vocalist/keyboardist Brandon Flowers, guitarist Tavian Go and drummer Ronnie Vannucci Jr. The only ingredient missing in this near-perfect rock-band equation is a bass player, whom they are seeking.

So what are you missing if you haven't seen this band play? You're missing something entirely refreshing, as the Killers groove onstage with their infectious tunes and young-punk personas.

I was so impressed with the band that I had a foursome with them. Here's how it went:

Las Vegas Weekly: How did the Killers come to be?

Ronnie Vannucci Jr.: Well, we all met in a gay karaoke bar. No, really, like any other band, I suppose. It's not a real interesting story. We met each other through gigs.

LVW: What do you think of the current garage-rock-band revival? Do you think your sound is similar?

RVJ: It's up that alley. I think it's great. I think that music kind of takes a turn. It's better that's going on than what has been.

Brandon Flowers: The whole movement—it's all the same deal. It's just rock.

LVW: Do you think the garage-band sound will be around for awhile?

RVJ: I don't know. I think music has its phases. If you look at the course of popular music, like every seven years you've got some mutated versions of what was going on seven years before that. The difference between our band and maybe a band like the Strokes, I think we have a lot more staying power. The Strokes and the Vines are great bands. But when you're asking about longevity and things like that, I think personally we have more to offer than what they have.

BF: Could you see the Strokes coming out with an acoustic song?

LVW: What's the story behind the band's name?

RVJ: It just sounded cool. There certainly has been a lot of talk about the name. For instance, the "The" bands, like The Vines, etc., are hot right now. And the Killers, some people might take offense to that.

LVW: So there is no malicious intent with the name?

RVJ: Absolutely not. I think there are far more offensive names out there like Nashville Pussy, Cryptic Slaughter and Julio Iglesias. Personally, I think Julio Iglesias is far more offensive than the aforementioned names.

BF: And Steely Dan.

LVW: What CD is currently in your player?

RVJ: Tom Waits, "Blood Money."

Tavian Go: The Cure and the Smiths.

BF: I actually have the Stones, "Sticky Fingers."

LVW: Do you plan on touring or making a full-length CD?

RVJ: Absolutely. And yes, absolutely.

LVW: When are the tour plans?

RVJ: As soon as possible. As soon as someone can put us on the road to feed Brandon's seven children.

LVW: Do you have any make-up tips for our readers?

RVJ: I have an Asian girl that does my makeup. You'll have to ask her.

BF: (Laughs.) I do my own makeup. I'm proud of that.