A few minutes with The Killers

From Beale Street Music Fest-Blog

The Killers have been catapulted almost overnight from playing clubs and smaller venues to playing huge festivals like the beale Street music Festival.The band,who hails from Las Vegas,is making their second appearance in memphis touring to support their enormously popular album,Hot Fuss.The first show at the New Daisy was,according to guitarist David Keuning,"Apretty good show.I don't really remember it too much,you know..they all start to blur together after a while."Clearly it made an impression on the folks in Memphis.Out of the 20 or so people i spoke to before our interview,17 of them came to the festival specifically to see the killers.When i first saw them at the 93x tent,you could see the band was not quite prepared for the onslaught of people teeming for a chance to simply look at or talk to them.

The band's meteoric rise to success is a surprise even to the band."The second we met,things started going up and it's been going up ever since."when adked about playing huge festivals like the Beale Street music festival,Dave laughed and said "it's totally nuts because I saw bands like collective soul and tesla mabey 10 years ago at a festval like this one.Now we're playing them its very flattering.

The killers are widely considered part of a new wave of bands whose influence take its roots in early 1980's post-punk."is this a phase"Dave wondered aloud."i don't know if it's just a phase or if it's something that will come back around.There are some good music phases and i think we're forunate to be part of one.Just think,in ten years,grunge will be back around and everyone will think that's the best music,"what is it that made this phase of music come about? when hair metal died,all of this great music was being given a chance to come to light.music that people thought never had a chance was being listened to widely.Think about what Nirvana did for music.That's what this group of bands we're part of is like--Interpol,the yeah yeah yeahs,so much great new music is coming out.we're honored to be a part of this movement."

What does the future hold for the killers? "well we have a new group of songs written and we're looking forward to getting into the studio. The real problem,"Dave says,"is actually the touring.I wish we could just have a little time to stop and record even two new records.we have that much material ready and we wil be playing some of the new songs tonight."

Have you decided on a producer yet?according  To Dave,We're torn between Steve Lillywhite and Flood."Interestingly,both of these producers have built careers from their work with artist like u2."I mean..how do you turn down either one of those producers? you can't like, call up Steve Lillywhite and be like, I'm sorry,but we're using Flood,Steve,But it's also great to have that option."

I was curious about what the guys had been listening to while on the road.Both Dave and Ronnie emphasized their love of the band British Sea Power's latest release Open Season,and Brandon mentioned he was enjoying new releases from The Kaiser Chiefs and the arcade fire.

I asked the fuys what they thought of when they thought of Memphis."Well Memphis is known as the home of the blues and the home of the king,"Dave said,"Elvis is still the greatest thing that has ever come out of America as far as music goes and you can't even deny it.We went to Graceland on ou last visit and we walked through looking at all of those gold records.Its very overwhelming."Elvis Presley is still the king though,right? "well in the UK Elvis's greatest hits  album beat us for the number one spot.When it comes to rock and roll,things haven't changed.you can't compete with the king,even today."